Family of William FEW and Sarah FERGUSON

Husband: William FEW (1795-1848)
Wife: Sarah FERGUSON (1797-1845)
Children: James FEW (1826-1910)
Caleb A. FEW (1814- )
Benjamin Franklin FEW (1830-1923)
Marriage Greenville, South Carolina, USA1

Husband: William FEW

Name: William FEW1
Sex: Male
Father: William FEW (1771-1856)
Mother: Susannah TUBBS (1774-1816)
Birth 1795 Greenville, South Carolina, USA1
Occupation Georgia Senator2
Death 1848 (age 52-53) Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Wife: Sarah FERGUSON

Name: Sarah FERGUSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17971
Death 1845 (age 47-48) Greenville, South Carolina, USA1

Child 1: James FEW

Name: James FEW1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary GREGORY (1830-1899)
Birth 13 Sep 1826 Greenville, South Carolina, USA1
Death 9 Nov 1910 (age 84) Greenville, South Carolina, USA1

Child 2: Caleb A. FEW

Name: Caleb A. FEW2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane W. <Few> ( - )
Birth 1814 South Carolina, USA
Census 1850 (age 36) Rusk County

Child 3: Benjamin Franklin FEW

Name: Benjamin Franklin FEW1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rachel M. KENDRICK (1840-1922)
Birth 1830 Oneal, Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Death 1923 (age 92-93)

Note on Husband: William FEW

William was a prominent figure in the revolutionary war and one of the signatories of the U.S. Constitution.2


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