Family of Walter Ervine FEW and Alice Gertrude RONGEY

Husband: Walter Ervine FEW (1895-1981)
Wife: Alice Gertrude RONGEY (1900-1973)
Children: Daryl Bertrand FEW (1924-2002)
Marriage 2 Jul 1921 Doniphan, Missouri, USA1

Husband: Walter Ervine FEW


Walter Ervine FEW, Walter Few

Name: Walter Ervine FEW1
Sex: Male
Father: William L. FEW (1860-1929)
Mother: Sara P WEATHERSPOON (1861-1951)
Birth 12 Sep 1895 Hickman, Tennessee, USA1
Death 16 Jun 1981 (age 85) Doniphan, Missouri, USA1

Wife: Alice Gertrude RONGEY

Name: Alice Gertrude RONGEY1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 9 Mar 1900 Doniphan, Missouri, USA1
Death 7 Dec 1973 (age 73) Doniphan, Missouri, USA1

Child 1: Daryl Bertrand FEW

Name: Daryl Bertrand FEW1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hildegarde Michaela KLOSTERHUBER ( - )
Birth 11 Aug 1924 Doniphan, Missouri, USA1
Death 1 Feb 2002 (age 77) Maryville, Madison, Illinois, USA1

Note on Husband: Walter Ervine FEW

He had 2 sons and 1 daughter.1


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