Family of Lucius Collie FEW and Lillian Astin SULLIVAN

Husband: Lucius Collie FEW (1860-1917)
Wife: Lillian Astin SULLIVAN (1880-1964)
Children: Willie Mae FEW (1900- )
Henry Grady FEW (1912-1969)

Husband: Lucius Collie FEW

Name: Lucius Collie FEW1
Sex: Male
Father: Lucius H. FEW (1837-1912)
Mother: Frances H THOMPSON (1841-1903)
Birth 1860 Morgan County, Georgia, USA1
Death 1917 (age 56-57) Morgan County, Georgia, USA1
Occupation Farm Worker

Wife: Lillian Astin SULLIVAN

Name: Lillian Astin SULLIVAN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1880 Morgan, Georgia, USA1
Death 1964 (age 83-84)1

Child 1: Willie Mae FEW

Name: Willie Mae FEW1
Sex: Male
Birth 1900 Morgan County, Georgia, USA1

Child 2: Henry Grady FEW

Name: Henry Grady FEW1
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Jul 1912 Morgan County, Georgia, USA1
Death 3 Mar 1969 (age 56) Walton, Georgia, USA1


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