Family of Richard FEW and Susanna S. HUMPHREY

Husband: Richard FEW (1653-1682)
Wife: Susanna S. HUMPHREY (1657?-1680)
Children: Susanna FEW (1676?-1728)
Marriage 16761

Husband: Richard FEW

Name: Richard FEW
Sex: Male
Father: Richard FEW (1625-1688)
Mother: Jane (Joan) WHITFIELD (1627-1674)
Birth 26 Dec 1653 Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Death 1682 (age 28-29) Chester County, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

Wife: Susanna S. HUMPHREY

Name: Susanna S. HUMPHREY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1657 (app) Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Death 1680 (age 22-23) Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Burial 7 Oct 1680 Wedhampton, Wiltshire

Child 1: Susanna FEW

Name: Susanna FEW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas OLDHAM ( - )
Birth 1676 (app) Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Death 1728 (age 51-52) East Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Note on Husband: Richard FEW

There is a problem with marriage and/or death dates, places and children for Richard Few.


Some records show Richard as having married a Susanna and having 2 girls by her, both called Susanna (with overlaping dates). Others give Richard and Susanna as dying on the same day. Some give Richard as having children 10 and 15 years after he is said to have died. Many records give his marriage to Sussanna as 22 years after he died.


It seems many researchers are copying incorrect data. A lot more research is needed on this part of the Few family.


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