Family of John SUMNER and Mary Ann HOLLOWAY

Husband: John SUMNER (1825-1899)
Wife: Mary Ann HOLLOWAY (1829-1888)
Children: James Henry SUMNER (b.1850, bur.1872)
Francis William SUMNER (1853-1908)
Charles John SUMNER (1860-1907)
Herbert Arthur SUMNER (1862-1958)
Sidney Walter SUMNER (1865- )
Cecil Claude SUMNER (1867- )
Marriage Q3 1848 Devizes Registration District, Wiltshire1

Husband: John SUMNER


John SUMNER, John Sumner Srn

Name: John SUMNER2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Henry SUMNER (SOMNER) (1795-1868)
Mother: Sarah MATTHEWS (1796-1880)
Birth 14 May 1825 Potterne, Wiltshire2
Baptism 14 May 1826 (age 1) Potterne, Wiltshire
Occupation Blacksmith
Death Q4 1899 (age 74) Devizes Registration District, Wiltshire2
Burial 26 Dec 1899

Wife: Mary Ann HOLLOWAY


Mary Ann HOLLOWAY, Ann Holloway

Name: Mary Ann HOLLOWAY3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 18 Mar 1829 Erlestoke, Wiltshire
Death Q1 1888 (age 58-59) Devizes Registration District, Wiltshire2

Child 1: James Henry SUMNER

Name: James Henry SUMNER2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary STONE (1853- )
Birth Q2 1850 Erlestoke, Wiltshire
Christening 4 Aug 1850 (age 0) Erlestoke, Wiltshire
Occupation Farrier / Blacksmith3
Burial 29 Aug 1872

Child 2: Francis William SUMNER


Francis William SUMNER, Francis Sumner Snr


Spouse: Elizabeth POTTER, Elizabeth Potter

Name: Francis William SUMNER2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth POTTER (1856- )
Birth Q1 1853 Erlestoke, Wiltshire
Occupation Farrier / Shoeing Smith3
Death Q3 1908 (age 55) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Child 3: Charles John SUMNER

Name: Charles John SUMNER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ann HARRIS (1863-1936)
Birth Q2 1860 Worton, Wiltshire1
Christening 5 Aug 1860 (age 0) Worton, Wiltshire
Occupation Farrier/Blacksmith/Soldier - Royal Artillery4
Death 4 Sep 1907 (age 47) London (Woolwich)

Child 4: Herbert Arthur SUMNER


Herbert Arthur SUMNER, Herbert Sumner

Name: Herbert Arthur SUMNER2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane (Emily) PRICE (1859- )
Birth Q4 1862 Worton, Wiltshire
Occupation Hackney Carraige Operator3
Death 1958 (age 95-96) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire3

Child 5: Sidney Walter SUMNER

Name: Sidney Walter SUMNER2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriet LADD (1862- )
Birth Q1 1865 Worton, Wiltshire
Occupation Blacksmith3

Child 6: Cecil Claude SUMNER

Name: Cecil Claude SUMNER2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie Jane CURRIE ( - )
Birth Q1 1867 Worton, Wiltshire
Occupation Farrier3

Note on Husband: John SUMNER

In 1861 he was living in Erlestoke with his wife Ann and children James, Francis and Charles. He was 34 years old and described as a Shoeing and Blacksmith.

In 1871 he was living in Erlestoke with his wife Ann and 6 sons - James, Francis, Charles, Herbert, Sidney and Cecil. He was 44 years old and a Blacksmith.

In 1881 he was living in Erlestoke with his wife Ann and sons Sidney and Cecil. He was 54 years old and a Blacksmith.

In 1891 he was living at 'Forge & Cottage', Erlestoke. He was a Blacksmith, aged 64 and a widower. He was living with son Sidney and his wife Harriett, and grandchildren Ada, Percy and John.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann HOLLOWAY

In 1841 she was living in the High Street, Erlestoke, Wiltshire with her 3 sisters in the home of Ann Holloway aged 75 (relationship currently not known) and Mary Holloway aged 35 (possibly an Aunt).

In 1861 she was living in Worton, Wiltshire with her husband and children James, Francis and Charles. She was 34 Years old.

In 1871 she was living in Erlestoke with her husband and 6 sons. She was 34 years old and described as a Blacksmith's Wife.

In 1881 she was living in Erlestoke with her husband and sons Sidney and Cecil. She was 54 years old.


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